Chaos Into Art was started by me, Jessica, a twenty-nine year old from Long Island, New York. Since I can remember, I’ve been creating things out of every medium I could get my hands on… colorful string, beads, lanyard, paper, clay, Legos, Play-Dough, you name it. I’ve been making jewelry on and off for many years, until finally taking the plunge into starting my own company in 2006. I’m always thinking of new ideas and finding inspiration from everywhere imaginable (and I mean everywhere).

 I enjoy and am passionate about many things. I love to make jewelry, travel, art in every shape & form, am an avid music lover and reader, a foodie, enjoy acting, comedy, and fashion. I started a blog as well to bridge my love of all of these things and to help promote my jewelry company. I’m always looking to create new experiences, knocking them off my bucket list slowly, one at a time.